rubygem-passenger - FTBFS on f20 - need help

Troy Dawson tdawson at
Thu Sep 19 14:10:15 UTC 2013

On 09/18/2013 06:45 PM, Lars Seipel wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 18, 2013 at 03:29:19PM -0500, Troy Dawson wrote:
>> What is a good way to track down a solution to "error: reference to
>> 'uint32_t' is ambiguous"?
> Sorry for the multiple mails but after looking at the source I think I
> see the actual problem. So in e.g. ext/common/Utils/MessageIO.h we have:
> #include <boost/cstdint.hpp>
> ...
> using namespace std;
> using namespace boost;
> ...
> use uint32_t <- error: reference to 'uint32_t' is ambiguous
> The bundled boost cstdint header is including stdint.h on systems that
> have it.  So ::uint32_t is provided by that. Additionally it emits
> typedefs for the stdint types in the boost namespace with a declaration
> conflicting with glibc's. As the passenger code is importing the boost
> namespace 'uint32_t' could refer to ::uint32_t (from stdint.h included
> through boost) or boost::uint32_t. That's what leads to the error.
> Looking at our system boost cstdint.hpp it is doing something smarter.
> Instead of coming up with its own uint32_t it's just referring to the
> one from stdint.h (by means of a using ::uint32_t; declaration), so it
> can't ever conflict.
> After looking at the passenger-bundled boost header (instead of only
> cpp's output) its intention seems to be the same but it's broken. Our
> boost RPM carries a patch that fixes it. Ah, the joys of bundled
> libraries.  ;-)
> You could apply that patch to the bundled boost copy to fix the issue.
> Another way would be to just delete the bundled ext/boost/cstdint.hpp
> file in %prep and let it pick up the system cstdint.hpp. You'd obviously
> have to buildrequire: boost-devel for that.
> Hope that helps,
> Lars

Thank you thank you thank you
Yes, that did the trick.  I recognized that patch because I had looked 
at the changes in boost between f19 and f20, but it had never crossed my 
mind to put that change in the passenger boost.
Thank you again
Troy Dawson

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