Package name conflict with retired package

Sandro Mani manisandro at
Thu Sep 19 20:05:24 UTC 2013

> > A few years ago, there would have been a helpful answer from the admins
> > who would/wouldn't process such requests. I don't know whether it's 
> possible
> > to not only rename a git repo but also the stuff within pkgdb and koji.
> Cc'd Dennis to see if this can happen in koji.  If it can't I would 
> not be opposed to the new package unretiring the name and having the 
> pkgdb entry updated to the new package.  The git history would have 
> both the old package's commits and the new one's.
> -Toshio
I hope I did not move to fast, but after discussing on irc with rdieter, 
I went forward and took over the repo of the retired package, updating 
the description. See [1] for the irc conversation.


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