F20 Alpha Impressions

Erinn Looney-Triggs erinn.looneytriggs at gmail.com
Fri Sep 20 19:13:12 UTC 2013

First off congrats, each release gets better and better especially with
regards to the anaconda changes. Either I am getting better trained to
deal with the rough spots or they just have been fixed, I figure it is
the latter.

So here are some of the issues I ran into, I will file bugs for these
but I reckoned I would chat about them with folks first:

Anaconda failed after all configuration was done and installation began.
I chose to do custom partitioning and was removing and reformatting my
existing partitions. Anaconda was attempting to wipe /dev/sda7 which
didn't exist, highest was sda6, on the system and so it crashed (off by

The new display manager for KDE, SDDM, doesn't seem to work so well in
an IPA environment. Even after adjusting the upper limit in
/etc/sddm.conf to include the insanely high UIDs that IPA hands out no
users appeared in the login box and as such I was unable to move past
that screen. Nor could I figure out how to login as 'Other' user and try
to futz with it as root or some such. I ended up switching to lightDM
and that did work with IPA users.

LightDM appears not to remember the last session used, as such every
time I log in I have to choose the session, or if I don't it will just
pass me past the login and no environment will come up which
precipitates going to another terminal and restarting the display manager.

Finally, and for some reason I can't figure out, F19 Alpha and F20 Alpha
seem to crash my wireless router. F19 Final didn't do this, but the
Alpha sure did and I don't have a clue as to why. My systems has an
Intel 6250 wireless card and the router is an Actiontec c1000a. If
anyone has suggestions or pointers on how to debug this it would be
greatly appreciated.


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