How to properly depreciate a package that will be provided by another (trustedqsl/tqsllib)

Richard Shaw hobbes1069 at
Mon Sep 23 12:58:52 UTC 2013

After seeing many emails on packages that have not been properly
retired/depreciated I wanted to make sure I get this right.

Currently there is trustedqsl 1.13 and tqsllib 2.2 in Fedora. For whatever
reason these were developed seprately in the past even though they are
closely tied together and trustedqsl is the only user of tqsllib.

Now upstream has a new single archive that contains both trustedqsl 1.14.3
and tqsllib 2.3 and I have a package that properly builds both.

The question is, since a "tqsllib" package will still be produced, what is
the proper steps to replace the existing tqsllib and do I need
Obsolete/Provides? I don't think so because the package name is the same
but I wanted to be sure.

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