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Kevin Fenzi kevin at
Mon Sep 23 16:25:29 UTC 2013

On Sun, 22 Sep 2013 22:33:35 +0300
Frankie Onuonga <frankie.onuonga at> wrote:

> Hi guys,


> I am looking to take up a project that i saw had been left idle for
> sometime.
> The project URL
> is:
> I said in sometime because of what is listed
> at:
> If this is possible, kindly do advice.
> I am sure I can make sometime for it as I am only currently involved
> actively in one other project withing the whole eco-system. 

Well, this would be more for the infrastructure list rather than the
devel list, but yes, you can absolutely help. 

Probably the best way forward would be to spin you up a cloud instance
and get dpsearch setup on it and crawl one part of our infrastructure,
say docs or wiki. Then, we could see how resources work out and if the
search is effective. 

Of course if you want to go with a different search engine, we should
discuss that on the infrastructure list. 

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