devel Digest, Vol 115, Issue 94

James Harshaw jwharshaw at
Mon Sep 23 21:37:07 UTC 2013

> Greetings testers!
> It's meeting time again on Monday! Alpha is now done and ready to go,
> but we may have a few more things to do to prepare for it, and it's time
> to look ahead to Beta as well.
> This is a reminder of the upcoming QA meeting. Please add any topic
> suggestions to the meeting wiki page:
> The current proposed agenda is included below.
> == Proposed Agenda Topics ==
> 1. Previous meeting follow-up
> 2. Fedora 20 Alpha final work and retrospective
> 3. Fedora 20 Beta planning
> 4. Open floor

I would like to propose a more guided partitioning gui for anaconda. One
that warns you if deleting a partition may damage the current OS on the
box, not just a generic warning. This is because many inexperienced
people who I recommend fedora to tend to delete their windows partitions
unknowingly. I believe I will be not be able to make the meeting.



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