thunderbird-24.0.2 reverted - why? (Use the commit log..., Luke)

Reindl Harald h.reindl at
Tue Sep 24 13:50:22 UTC 2013

Am 24.09.2013 15:41, schrieb Remi Collet:
> Le 24/09/2013 12:35, Reindl Harald a écrit :
>> and that is why ist *is wrong* to give negative karma because some 
>> extension is not updated - who says that the extension RPM is 
>> relevant for all users?
> I don't agree. Broken dep are not acceptable in "stable" release

if one person maintains thunderbird and the other one lightning
how do you imagine that both packages are built at the same
moment and get the same karma?

this is a organisation problem and again:

a broken depdendency for lightning is *never* a reason
to give thunderbird bad karma - you do not need the
lightning RPM at all, install the extension as most
others are not in the repos from

and even if both packages are built at the same time
there are more using TB and giving positive karma
because they simply do not have a dep-problem and
so you can't make the push synchron in most cases

that's why --skip-broken exists

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