thunderbird-24.0.2 reverted - why? (Use the commit log..., Luke)

Jan Horak jhorak at
Tue Sep 24 14:00:21 UTC 2013

On 09/24/2013 10:16 AM, Michael J Gruber wrote:
> Hi there,
> I can see that thunderbird 24 had been built successfully and then
> reverted on the fc18 branch (and others). The git commit log and the
> spec changelog say
> Revert to 17.0.8
> and nothing else. I do understand that more than a "successful build" is
> necessary for a package to be pushed, but can we please agree on putting
> some substantial information on "why" (not just "what") into the git log
> or change log?
> As a guidance, in many git based project, the following standard for git
> messages has proven useful:
> 1st line: short description of "what"
> 1st paragraph: long description of "what" along the lines of:
> So far, "foo" does "bar". Change "froz" so that it does "baz".
> 2nd paragraph (or mixed in with 2nd): answer "why"
> The problem with "bar" is this. "baz" solves the problem by doing that.
> This information could also be in bugzilla and linked to from the git
> log or changelog, of course. All of this is easier than answering
> e-mails or posts, and better for record keeping anyways.
> Cheers,
> Michael
We've decided to revert package because it broke dependencies with 
thunderbird-lightning. Decision to rebase package to 24 was made a bit 
in a hurry and since we wasn't able to rebase to lightning 2.6 fast 
enough we decide to use 17.0.9 ESR to keep our users secure. We're 
trying to deliver security updates as fast as we can because we think 
that's most important for users. I'm a bit unsure if keeping max version 
(ie. Requires: thunderbird < %{thunderbird_next_version}) for dependent 
packages is fruitful here because older plugin doesn't make Thunderbird 
unusable, it only disables addons which is not compatible with newer 
version (a nuisance but at least security issues are fixed) and this 
affect only some users.

For the next rebase time (Thunderbird 31?), I'll consider update to 
another 24.0.X ESR to make transition more smooth. So sorry for 
confusion and thanks everyone who let us know by karma.


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