Using USB 3 plugs crashes Gnome

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Tue Sep 24 22:14:40 UTC 2013

I know this doesn't make sense on the surface, but bear with me for a

I've got a Thinkpad W530 laptop. The first OS was Fedora 17 and it was
perfectly stable. By coincidence or not, when I installed Fedora 18, it
started crashing sporadically. This remained to this day on Fedora 19.

I've finally narrowed it down to an unlikely source; USB 3. If I don't
use the USB 3 ports, the system goes weeks without crashing. However,
when I try to use the USB 3 ports, within a short time Gnome locks up.

The mouse usually moves still, but I can't interact with anything on the
screen. I can't alt + tab, alt + tilda, corner bump or anything else. I
can ctrl + alt + fX to get to a terminal and kill the GUI. In a couple
of occasions, if I leave it long enough, the windows would start
responding to a limited amount, but they would all be jammed up to the
top-left corner, have no windows and can't be moved or given focus (so I
can only interact with the windows I can see part of).

I can't imagine why USB 3 would effect this, but there you go. Any
advice on debugging?


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