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On Sat, 2013-09-21 at 19:12 +0100, Phil Dobbin wrote:
> Hi, all.
> I was wondering as to why Ananconda has no facility to overwrite a 
> distro already present on the target machine. I've studied it & apart 
> from destroying the existing partition with GParted there seems to be no 
> other way (this happens on 18 & 19).
> Most painful it is.
> If anybody can show me a workaround I'd be most grateful.

Assuming I read you right, if the responses so far haven't been specific
enough, you want to go the disk selection screen, select the target
disks, click Done, then on Installation Options, set any options you
want to set, then click Reclaim Space. On the screen that pops up you
can choose to delete (or shrink) any combination of existing storage
volumes on the chosen disk(s) to free up space for the Fedora install.
Once you're happy, and assuming your chosen actions would create enough
free space for a Fedora install, hit 'Done', and you will be returned to
the hub. The 'partitioning plan' at this point will be that the
delete/shrink operations you specified will be carried out and the
installer will then automatically partition all available free space for
Fedora, using the volume type you chose from the drop-down on the
Installation Options screen. This will only actually *occur* when you
hit the Begin Installation button on the hub: up until that point you
can still go back through the Installation Destination spoke and change
your choices. All the time you're in the partitioning workflow, nothing
you specify is actually *happening*, it's all just a 'plan'. (this
distinction is freaking hard to explain concisely in the kinds of labels
and explanatory text you can write into the installer UI, though.)

You can also wipe existing partitions from custom partitioning and do
all sorts of other things too, but this is the easy, 'express' route.

Sometimes I think I should just write a blog post which explains
precisely how anaconda's storage workflow actually works, because it's
much easier to see why it's put together the way it is once you
understand precisely how it works, if you see what I mean :P
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