anaconda: reuse of btrfs subvolumes

Gene Czarcinski gene at
Fri Sep 27 13:54:31 UTC 2013

OK, this bugzilla report has not gotten much action --

so lets try this list.

I would think that a common installation would involve two types of 
btrfs subvolumes: a new subvolume for root ("/") and one or more 
existing subvolumes for /home, etc.  Anaconda can handle creation of new 
subvolumes nicely and adds them to /etc/fstab.  However, for existing 
subvolumes, you need to specify "--useexisting" on the btrfs command 
which specifies the mount point or anaconda crashes saying that the 
subvolume already exists .. OK, that makes sense. But, if you then 
specify --useexisting, anaconda proceeds BUT the mount point is NOT 
added to /etc/fstab.

This problem has existed since Fedora 18 and is still true in Fedora 20 
alpha.  How about if someone fixes this, explains why it is not 
necessary, or explains how to specify reuse of a btrfs mount point? Is 
this too much to ask?

I do not like cross posting ... another copy of this message is posted 
on the anaconda-devel-list.


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