Fedora Hurd Compilers

David Michael fedora.dm0 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 27 18:04:52 UTC 2013

Fedora developers:

It's GNU's 30th birthday today, so I thought I'd upload a relevant
side project of mine: a package to cross-compile a GNU (Hurd)
operating system using Fedora.


No pre-compiled binaries are provided; everything is built from
(mostly) unpatched upstream sources.  There are two main components to
the build process.

First:  The Fedora development environment (sysroot and cross-tools)
is maintained in RPMs.  Bootstrap the environment with the
setup-sysroot.sh script.

Second:  There are make files to build the GNU system.  They are
called from the main GNUmakefile.  Most of these make rules can be
used on the running GNU system itself to rebuild packages natively.

The BUILD.md file documents the step-by-step procedure to create and
run a complete virtual operating system.

I began this project as a learning experience earlier in the year and
have been fiddling with it in my spare time since.  It's nowhere near
what I would consider "finished", but it does create something usable
up to a graphical desktop environment.

It is uploaded for anyone interested to learn about cross-compiling or
building a free OS from source.  It is not intended to provide a
primary desktop OS, since there are still many problems to be
addressed.  (I'd recommend trying Debian Hurd instead, if a more
stable Hurd system is your goal.)

I'll try to remember to push my updates to the repo occasionally.
Feel free to clone it and do whatever you want to it.

Happy Hacking


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