NSS 3.15.2 released and coming soon to Rawhide

Elio Maldonado emaldona at redhat.com
Fri Sep 27 22:44:13 UTC 2013

NSS 3.15.2was released this week. This is mostly a patch 
updatecontaining one security fix for CVE-2013-1739.

For more details please the release notes at 

The Rawhide update hopefully will should show up by the end of the day.

Using the scripts fromhttp://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Updating_NSS
I did mock builds of several clients packages of nss (e.g. curl, 
evolution-data-server, xulrunner, etc.) agains the update and their 
builds, which run their test regressions suites, completed fine.

The update will make its way to f20 and the stable branches in the 
coming weeks.


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