boost141 and stability of Boost API?

Haïkel Guémar karlthered at
Sun Sep 29 07:32:31 UTC 2013

Le 29/09/2013 05:44, Dave Johansen a écrit :
> I just noticed that the boost141 package had been previously available
> in Fedora, but it has since been removed (
> ). I'm not familiar with
> the recent changes in Boost, but is the API stable enough to support a
> package to build on EL 5/6 and Fedora?
> Thanks,
> Dave

No, you shouldn't assume that.
Some Boost libraries often break the API in subtle ways (like changing
the whole exception hierarchy), or may provide different versions of the
API (ie: filesystem provides only API v2 in 1.41 and since 1.50 only API
You also have to check which libraries are used which may set the lower
version required to build your package.

You may have to provide a newer boost in EPEL, or patch your package to
compile under both versions.

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