The final push for the application installer in Fedora 20

Richard Hughes hughsient at
Mon Sep 30 12:47:29 UTC 2013

On 30 September 2013 12:56, tim.lauridsen at
<tim.lauridsen at> wrote:
> AppData is focusing alot about application

AppData and AppStream are focussed on applications primarily, but we
do currently have some experimental support for icons and input
sources. The format of those in the metadata might change a bit, so
I've not pushed that upstream just yet. I have however had a lot of
help from the Ibus people.

> what about content : icons, themes, backgrounds

I don't know if that's in scope. I think it would be a distraction to
start enumerating all possible things there now, and we should really
keep the focus on apps and a few tightly-specified other add-on types.


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