Five Things in Fedora This Week (2014-04-01)

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Tue Apr 1 23:31:31 UTC 2014

where are you planning to host the final stable listing or blog beyond this
mailing list? if it in a dev minded or dev friendly arena jsut make a quick
2-3 lines in a FAQ like page with futher reading links to the wiki or
respective respcted authority in the particular space I also run in many
linux and dev groups on and off social media if you need help in the
distrubution in different spaces hit me up directly with tag line related
to fedora or dev so it goes in my inbox with other dev stuffs...

Corey W Sheldon
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On Tue, Apr 1, 2014 at 7:12 PM, Garry T. Williams <gtwilliams at>wrote:

> On 4-1-14 16:11:45 Matthew Miller wrote:
> > 5tFTW note
> > ----------
> >
> > This is the third installment of this series, and I'm still
> > calibrating a few things. I'm aiming at a wide audience, but I'm not
> > quite sure how much explaining I should do of general Fedora
> > knowledge. Is it helpful for me to (as above), give a quick
> > explanation when I talk about Rawhide, Flock, or FESCo? Or, does
> > that just increase the word count for no reason? Let me know.
> I'm not a Fedora packager or developer, but I follow this devel list
> pretty carefully.  I think, given that you are "aiming at a wide
> audience", you have struck just the right balance.  Keep it up.
> Thank you for these.
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> Garry T. Williams
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