GnuTLS issue (Mandos Server/Client)

Nathanael D. Noblet nathanael at
Wed Apr 2 16:50:26 UTC 2014


  I'm working on getting a package (mandos) included in Fedora/EPEL.
Currently its heavily focused on debian based distros so I'm not ready
for a review. However I have it working in a few situations but have
some issues in others. I'm hoping someone here may be able to shed light
on what may be going on. So that I can finish adding the bits needed to
be fully functional and then included.

  So the whole thing works only if servers and clients are on the same
OS version. Different errors are thrown for different combinations.

Client OS  Server OS	Error
F20        CentOS 6     TLS packet with unexpected length was received
CentOS 6   F20          The TLS connection was non-properly terminated
CentOS 6   CentOS 6     No error
F20        F20          No error

CentOS gnutls versions
CentOS 6 = gnutls 2.8.5
F20      = gnutls 3.1.20

The server is a python app and sets the priority string as follows:
this is fed to some gnutls function somewhere in the stack.

I'm at a complete loss as to why it doesn't work. Pointers or docs or
anything else that can help me figure out why an app can talk to itself
as long as the same base OS is used would be GREATLY appreciated..


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