Considering GNOME 3.12 as an F20 update

Jiri Eischmann eischmann at
Fri Apr 4 15:40:32 UTC 2014

Matthias Clasen píše v Čt 03. 04. 2014 v 10:20 -0400:
> Hey,
> so the time has come to consider this - thanks to the great work of
> Richard and Kalev on the copr, we have a set of 3.12 packages that have
> already received fairly wide testing.
> But we should be careful, so I want to ask for concrete problem reports
> with the copr packages, besides dependency problems caused by the
> parallel nature of the copr itself.
> Did any of your gnome-shell extensions break ?
> Did you experience crashes or other serious problems with applications ?
> If so, please let us know on the desktop list. If I don't hear of major
> problems by next week, I'll file a Fesco ticket to ask for an exception.

I've been using Richard's repo for two weeks. Here are some problems
I've encountered:

First after the upgrade I didn't even boot to GDM. Too bad I didn't
debug it because I had already been considering a clean install, so I
did it right away. My setup was not typical, I had been upgrading since
F15. But apparently I was not the only one. One guy on the forum
complained about a very similar problem. He blames i686 packages and
their dependencies which might have been my problem as well because due
to Steam I also had a lot from the graphics stack installed in i686
versions. But this is a case of my users and we should look into it
because there can't be a worse scenario from user's POV than not booting
into UI after updates.

I've had quite a lot of problems with GNOME Software. It froze when
hitting the Install button quite often. It couldn't find some
applications. For example it couldn't find GNOME Photos, so I had to
install it in yum. It didn't load the large banner of the picked app on
the front page in many occasions.

The hiding pointer in GNOME Terminal is pretty annoying.

I haven't found a way to set up a connection via bluetooth with a
connected device. There is no such option in the bluetooth module in the
system settings and the network module or network section in the user
menu don't provide such an option either after you set up a connection
with a bluetooth device. I find this a significant regression. 

Otherwise it's been a pleasant experience and this release of GNOME
seems to be very solid. But I would rather wait for at least 3.12.1
release and discuss it with Fedora QA because the upgrade should have at
least a bit of systematic testing.


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