F21 Self Contained Change: Playground repository

Rex Dieter rdieter at math.unl.edu
Tue Apr 8 17:23:26 UTC 2014

Stephen Gallagher wrote:

> Ask yourself which is more important to most users:
> 1) My OS is perfectly maintainable by engineers.
> or
> 2) My OS lets me install the software I need without hassle.
> Offering users a slightly-less stringent repository such as this makes
> sense.

Adding repos definitely should not be taken lightly.  Frankly, if 2 is 
really something worth doing, then perhaps also the (overly?) stringent 
policies need rethinking.

I freely admit there's definitely some gray area here, and maybe another 
repo is indeed the right (ie, least-bad) approach.

-- Rex

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