F21 System Wide Change: Framework for Server Role Deployment

William Brown william at firstyear.id.au
Wed Apr 9 01:39:57 UTC 2014

> >> == Detailed Description == A new D-Bus service will be made
> >> available, exposing available server roles, making it possible to
> >> deploy, configure and manage them. Appropriate functionality will
> >> also be exposed as a command-line utility.
> > What does it mean to "deploy, configure, and manage" a server
> > role? Nothing and everything fits this whole description.
> > 
> Installation, setup of mandatory data, running of the necessary
> services, opening of the necessary ports, easy view of overall health
> of the services and gathering of backup sets.

I'd like a bit more about this, especially the opening of ports (What
about ip ranges?) and the "gathering of backup sets" and what that
implies or how it's triggered.

What additionally, counts as a "server role" in this case? Or are these
not completely filled out yet? IE a network router is certainly a server
role, but does it come under this case? 

William Brown <william at firstyear.id.au>
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