Schedule for Thursday's FPC Meeting (2014-04-10 16:00 UTC)

James Antill james at
Wed Apr 9 19:53:00 UTC 2014

On Wed, 2014-04-09 at 20:45 +0200, Antonio Trande wrote:

> I don't see the topic about bundled files in Icecat (
> It's still pending.

 AFAIK it's not, if you look at the log from the last meeting:

...this happened at the end of the #391 ticket:

17:34:07 <abadger1999> Proposal: firefox has a bundling exception since
it has an active security team tracking issues in their codebase.
icecat has an exception since it is a fork of firefox that closely
tracks firefox's changes.
17:34:11 <abadger1999> +1
17:34:32 <RemiFedora> +1
17:34:36 <SmootherFrOgZ> +1
17:34:43 <geppetto> +1
17:41:09 <limburgher> +1 didn't get an #info log, but and writeups will be a little backed
up due to PyCon ... but AFAIK it's all dealt with.
 If you have any other questions etc. feel free to drop by tomorrow.

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