F21 System Wide Change: BerkeleyDB 6

Chris Adams linux at cmadams.net
Fri Apr 11 12:57:31 UTC 2014

Once upon a time, Jaroslav Reznik <jreznik at redhat.com> said:
> Add BerkeleyDB v. 6, which changed license from previous releases (GPLv2+ to 
> AGPLv3+), to Fedora while keeping the older version for packages which cannot 
> use BerkeleyDB with the new license. 

Have the packages that cannot use libdb-6 because of the license been
identified?  That probably needs to be confirmed before moving forward,
due to libdb's symbols conflicting between versions if both get loaded.
For example (don't think these have license issues, just picked them off
the top of my head), if Apache linked with libdb-5 (because of license),
and perl linked with libdb-6, mod_perl would be broken.

If there are any conflicts because of the license incompatibility, then
moving to libdb-6 may not be a good idea.
Chris Adams <linux at cmadams.net>

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