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Fri Apr 11 15:19:21 UTC 2014

Asking for a friend...

Trying to get clarification of the current JavaScript guidelines 
( since it is 
potentially impactful for a web UI review request 
( I'm working on. 
Cockpit and some other recent reviews appear to bundle JavaScript libs 
from other projects; in this particular case bootstrap, jquery, and term.

My understanding is that the JS guidelines (AFAIK ratified last August) 
are now in force and that any such bundling requires FPC exceptions 
(temporary or otherwise).

My working assumptions on assessing if prohibited bundling is occurring:

  * minification has no impact
  * locating bundled JS assets in a separate no-arch sub-package also
    has no impact

Is there circumstances whereby new reviews can be approved without FPC 
exception if those assets have not yet been packaged under the new web 
asset packaging guidelines and layout?

Any specific guidance would be much appreciated.


On 04/11/2014 09:41 AM, Jaroslav Reznik wrote:
> = Proposed System Wide Change: Cockpit Management Console =
> Change owner(s): Stephen Gallagher <sgallagh at>, Marius
> Vollmer, Stef Walter
> The Fedora Server Product will ship the Cockpit Project as available by
> default, providing an approachable tool for system management.
> == Detailed Description ==
> Cockpit is a server manager that makes it easy to administer your GNU/Linux
> servers via a web browser.
> * Easy to use
> Cockpit is perfect for new sysadmins, allowing them to easily perform simple
> tasks such as storage administration, inspecting journals and starting and
> stopping services.
> * No interference
> Jumping between the terminal and the web tool is no problem. A service started
> via Cockpit can be stopped via the terminal. Likewise, if an error occurs in
> the terminal, it can be seen in the Cockpit journal interface.
> * Multi-server
> You can monitor and administer several servers at the same time.
> == Scope ==
> Inclusion of Cockpit as part of the default (not necessarily minimal) install
> set for Fedora Server
> * Proposal owners:
> ** Support for a modular architecture
> ** Improved network management
> * Other developers: N/A
> * Release engineering: Inclusion of cockpit into comps.xml
> * Policies and guidelines: N/A
> Special Requests: Cockpit would like to request an additional 2-4 weeks on the
> Fedora 21 schedule to ensure completion of the core functionality.
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