default local DNS caching name server

P J P pj.pandit at
Sat Apr 12 08:15:39 UTC 2014

> On Saturday, 12 April 2014 12:41 PM, William Brown wrote:
> PS: The unreliable ISP I perceive as:
> 1) They often return no query within an acceptable time period
> 2) They return invalid or incorrect zone data
> 3) They mess with TTLs or other zone data


> Consider, I get home, and open my laptop. Cache is cleared,
> and I'm now populating that cache with the contents from the ISP.

  No, why contents from ISP? Local resolver will populate cache from root servers, no?

> But if you weren't to clear the cache, I could be at home caching bad records,
> then when I go to work they persist.

  This is a glitch that when you are at home the cache still has office domain addresses cached, to which you can not connect, because you aren't connected to the office network. Do I understand it right? IMO, that's not bad cache.

> You cannot have both. I would rather that cache is flushed on interface change
> as it prevents so many more issues than making that cache last across potential
> network boundaries.

  Sure, no contention there. IMO, that could be a feature for NM, to clear local cache on interface change. Because NM is suitably placed to do that.

> At the end of the day, I cannot stress enough, if you have an ISP with bad DNS
> caching or that is unreliable, you need to fault your ISP,

  IMO, local resolver can help here.


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