F21 Self Contained Change: Playground repository

Marcela Mašláňová mmaslano at redhat.com
Thu Apr 17 07:03:20 UTC 2014

On 04/15/2014 05:58 PM, Kevin Fenzi wrote:
> ...snip...
>> Packages for the repository are built in COPR. The COPR owner can
>> propose the repository as a whole for inclusion into the Playground
>> repository by marking it as such in COPR. Repositories/packages
>> successfully built and satisfying the Playground repository's
>> Policies are copied into the Playgroud repository. The one Playground
>> repository includes many Copr repositories.
> I'm a bit confused here. Is there another repo that all playground
> packages are copied to? Or are they just seperate copr repos?
> Ok, on further reading there is a seperate repo. This would be mirrored?
No copying, there is not so much space on Copr. It's not a real 
repository, but set of Copr projects marked as Playground. They will be 
installed by dnf plugin, I recommend to look how the plugin works:

It will be almost the same for Playground plugin.

> How is is composed? Just a simple pull all packages from these copr's
> and createrepo? Will it support multilib, signing, drpms or updateinfo?
> I see mention that multilib isn't planned at first and that you want to
> use obs-signd to sign packages. Wouldn't it make sense to look at just
> using mash (which we use for all other composes). If you did that we
> could look at signing with sigul and you could get multilib/drpms/etc
> along for the ride?
No compose either, there is nothing to compose, when it stays on Copr. 
At this point I don't think multilib is possible because Copr repos have 
to be somehow regenerated and we have to force users to run rebuild for 
both x86_64 and i686. I'd like to see signing of packages, but our 
proposal to use obs-signd wasn't accepted well as I heard and sigul is 
according to his author not nice and should be improved. It was already 
discussed on devel list before, when Mirek asked about signing packages.

Let's do it easy and use only repository of repositories. We can create 
a real repository with automatic checks for F22, when Taskotron is 
ready. I guess automatic control and disc space would limit a real 
repository and I don't believe we could finish it until F21.

> "To avoid any potential confusion, we want to make it clear that the
> Playground repository will not host packages that have bad licenses,
> include proprietary software or include patented software."
> Might change this to "all packages advertised in the playground must
> meet the same legal guidelines as packages in Fedora proper". Some
> software we ship does have patents, just ones that have patent grants
> attached.
Fine by me, I'll change it.

> Can you expand on:
> "The repository's repodata is continuously regenerated. All the builds
> in the COPR repositories that are selected to feed the Playground
> repository are composed once a day and pushed to the Playground
> repository and its mirrors."
> Is the repo composed once a day? Or everytime there is a new build?
Hm, I should remove this. The plugin was finished after we discussed 
these things :) It doesn't make any sense now, I'll update the content.
Thanks for review,

> kevin

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