F21 System Wide Change: Workstation: Disable firewall

Miloslav Trma─Ź mitr at volny.cz
Thu Apr 17 21:29:17 UTC 2014

2014-04-15 22:49 GMT+02:00 Matthias Clasen <mclasen at redhat.com>:
(firewalld features)

> So, what you have currently is a raw bit of infrastructure that is
> directly exposed to the end user, without any design or integration.

That's *precisely* what the underlying infrastructure should do, isn't it?
It's up to the UI projects like GNOME or Cockpit to provide "design and

What I envision is that we will notify the user when we connect to a new
> network, with a message along the lines of:
> You have connected to an new network.

This might be a misunderstanding, so just to be explicit: As written,
that's too late.  This user's decisions must happen *before* any traffic is
possible and the user "has connected".
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