[Owner-change] Fedora packages ownership change

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Mon Apr 21 10:00:03 UTC 2014

Change in ownership over the last 168 hours

2 packages were orphaned
python-heatclient [EL-6,devel,f19,f20] was orphaned by sdake
     Openstack Orchestration (heat) Python Client Library
pmount [devel,f19,f20] was orphaned by vvitek
     Enable normal user mount

9 packages unorphaned
petersen        unorphaned : alex [devel]
petersen        unorphaned : ghc-parallel [devel,f19,f20]
jcapik          unorphaned : mcu8051ide [EL-6,devel]
petersen        unorphaned : ghc-regex-compat [devel,f19,f20]
petersen        unorphaned : ghc-syb [devel]
jruzicka        unorphaned : python-heatclient [EL-6,devel,f19,f20]
thm             unorphaned : email2trac [EL-6,devel,f19,f20]
petersen        unorphaned : cabal-install [devel]
petersen        unorphaned : happy [devel]

8 packages were retired
horde [devel] was retired by tibbs
     The common Horde Framework for all Horde applications
python-unittest2 [devel] was retired by fab
     Backport of new unittest feature for Python 2.7 to Python 2.4+
python-augeas [epel7] was retired by limb
     Python bindings to augeas
turba [devel] was retired by tibbs
     The Horde contact management application
imp [devel] was retired by tibbs
     The Internet Messaging Program: webmail access to IMAP/POP3 accounts
ingo [devel] was retired by tibbs
     The Horde web-based Email Filter Rules Manager
kronolith [devel] was retired by tibbs
     The Horde calendar application
sinjdoc [devel] was retired by dbhole
     Documentation generator for Java source code

15 packages changed owner
limb            gave to cbb                : dex [epel7]
kevin           gave to cicku              : minised [EL-6,epel7]
kevin           gave to petersen           : alex [f19,f20]
limb            gave to petersen           : happy [f19,f20]
kevin           gave to smani              : xrotor [EL-6,epel7]
kevin           gave to achernya           : mosh [epel7]
limb            gave to petersen           : ghc-syb [f19,f20]
limb            gave to mcepl              : waffle [f20]
kevin           gave to smani              : avl [EL-6,epel7]
limb            gave to ankursinha         : axel [epel7]
kevin           gave to smani              : xfoil [EL-6,epel7]
petersen        gave to xavierb            : perl-CSS-Minifier [EL-6,epel7]
limb            gave to lsm5               : golang-github-coreos-go-systemd [epel7]
limb            gave to petersen           : cabal-install [f19,f20]
petersen        gave to xavierb            : perl-Text-Patch [EL-6,epel7]

Sources: https://github.com/pypingou/fedora-owner-change

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