The Forgotten "F": A Tale of Fedora's Foundations

Jaroslav Reznik jreznik at
Tue Apr 22 13:25:30 UTC 2014

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> Le lundi 21 avril 2014 à 11:17 -0400, Stephen Gallagher a écrit :
> > 
> > I'm trying to assert with this proposal that the best way for us to
> > advance free and open source software is to continue shipping only
> > open-source software, while making it easy for users to *transition*.
> > By setting a hard-line on our users and saying "You can only use FOSS,
> > unless you jump through these fourteen poorly-documented hoops", we're
> > discouraging our user-base (and ultimately, contributor base) from
> > growing.
> >
> > I simply cannot see any way that we are satisfying our Mission by
> > discouraging users from operating the way that they want to.
> Please excuse the reductio ad absurdum ( and my display of Lati^W
> Wikipedia )
> But if we look at the current way, I think a high percentage of people
> want to run windows and download movies for free out on the internet,
> mostly because non technical people are motivated to do that.
> So if we really want to satisfy them, we should do that. The fact we
> don't prove that we will always do something that discourage people from
> operating how they want ( ie, without caring about license, copyright,
> etc ) for a variety of reasons. And so that we have to balance the
> various factors.

Well, one thing (and I'll repeat myself) - we tell our users "you can't
play mp3, you can play your movies in MPEG 4 format" unless you do 
something, we can't tell you about. But we do not offer any option and
we have that option available and it really goes very well with our
values, our mission - free culture. And we should go beyond free software.
Is there any reason why the installer does not work for free content?
Connect it (and partner) for example with Jamendo. Show Blender foundation
movies, many smaller clips around the internet, free shows... Yes, it's
not as huge as non free culture. But last few years it'd becoming trend.
We will never grow to the world dominance with our values but we can 
cover our-values-friendly communities and I really think there's a
still pretty huge user base we can grow to. Or if we want world dominance,
and seems like quite a big movement within project, maybe let's not
pretend being something even our contributors do not believe. We can
be second Ubuntu...


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