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Tue Apr 22 13:31:25 UTC 2014

On Apr 22, 2014 3:05 AM, "Christian Schaller" <cschalle at redhat.com> wrote:
> As a sidenote, there has been a lot of discussions on this an other
Fedora lists
> over the last few Months where people have loudly come out against what
they see
> as infringements on the Freedom part of the four F's. Having seen this
thread I
> am disappointed to see that nobody has come out in defense of the Friends
> of the four F's, because the language and tone used by some people on
this thread
> has been beyond pale, accusing the other participants in the thread of
> incompetence and general maliciousness. If this doesn't change maybe the
time has come
> for a board ticket to change that F from Friends to Flames?
> Christian

A good point. There's a relative scarcity of discussion on the 'Friends'

In one sense, a relationship moves from acquaintance to friendship when
familiarity crosses a threshold.  You expect an acquaintance to follow
social niceties, but you trust a friend to be honest even at the expense of
politeness.  Of course we still need a code of conduct, and occasional
friendly reminders to cool down and take a walk for a while, but friends
should mostly be able to look past choice of language to evaluate message
and good intentions.

Equating disagreement with antipathy is more detrimental than vitriolic
disagreement.  We need the 'Friends' foundation to remind us that even in
the hottest of flamewars, everyone has good intentions.  Sometimes strong
language is just a device for making a point.  Even the wildest of idiom
isn't inherently intended to convey personal disrespect.  We need a
reminder, especially with contentious issues, not to ignore valid points
because they were delivered poorly and not to overvalue perspectives that
were shared more politely.

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