Pkgdb2 making it to stg (pre-prod)

Pierre-Yves Chibon pingou at
Tue Apr 22 19:23:24 UTC 2014

Dear all,

A while ago I introduced you the dev instance of pkgdb2. Since then, I have been
working some more on it.
I recently updated pgkdb-cli to work with the new API [1] as well as writing
a python module for those that want to script against said API [2].

On March 10th, pkgdb2 made it to staging [3], our pre-production environment,
and on March 11th, I have updated its database to have a recent version of the
pkgdb1 database, just converted for pkgdb2.

This means that soon (I'm thinking early May), pkgdb2 will go live in
production. If you have any tools that are relying on pkgdb, now would be a good
time to start looking at the pkgdb2 API [4] and see if it does what you want to
do. I will accept *minor* changes/enhancements to the current API, but only
while it is only in staging. So if you want something changed in the API, now
is a good time to ask.


Bug reports and RFE are of course welcome at either place:

Thanks for your attention and have a nice day!

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