The Forgotten "F": A Tale of Fedora's Foundations

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> On Tue, Apr 22, 2014 at 08:33:55PM +0200, Miloslav Trma─Ź wrote:
> > I find it difficult to believe that "most users" [don't have Flash
> > installed].  AFAIK there is no data to say either way, and anecdotal
> > evidence from around here isn't supportive.
> Well, since we're talking about Flash, Adobe has decided to not
> support the Linux version of Flash.  In fact, updates have happened
> to Flash and the existing Flash package available through Adobe
> hasn't been updated.  This means that users who are still using Adobe
> Flash are now vulnerable to known security issues and bugs.  Gnash,
> the FOSS Flash solution, is still being developed and is probably a
> better solution.  I just hope that HTML5 becomes the "standard" soon.

Actually they have said they aren't going to update it to newer
versions/add features, but will continue to provide security updates: 

"Adobe will continue to provide security updates to non-Pepper
distributions of Flash Player 11.2 on Linux for five years from its

There have been 3 updates this year so far. Of course there's little
way to see whats in those updates as they don't add changelog entries
to their rpm or otherwise note what they did, and since we don't have
source no one else can tell. ;) 

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