java-1.8.0-openjdk i686 and x86_64 rpms

Mikolaj Izdebski mizdebsk at
Wed Apr 23 10:20:20 UTC 2014

On 04/23/2014 12:54 AM, Arun SAG wrote:
> Hi,
> I see openjdk-1.8.0 got built and pushed  as an update for fedora 19
> .
>  In the past the i686 rpms of openjdk were pushed into release x86_64
> repo of fedora 19
> (
> , But with this particular update the i686 rpm never got pushed into
> x86_64 repository
> Any reason why it is not happening?

Java packages don't  support multilib for several reasons.  Because of
that Java has been granted an multibib exemption by FESCo [1].  32-bit
JVMs not appearing in 64-bit repos is an expected thing.

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