Schedule for Thursday's FPC Meeting (2014-04-24 16:00 UTC)

Michael Cronenworth mike at
Wed Apr 23 18:15:47 UTC 2014

James Antill wrote:
>   If you would like to add something to this agenda, you can reply to
> this e-mail, file a new ticket at,
> e-mail me directly, or bring it up at the end of the meeting, during
> the open floor topic. Note that added topics may be deferred until
> the following meeting.

There's a minor issue I'd like to have addressed.

According to the binfmt.d manpage, packages should place their files in 
/lib/binfmt.d and users may override in /etc/binfmt.d. There are only 3 packages 
that I know of that create binfmt.d files: qemu, ksh, and wine. Qemu places them 
in /lib but the other two place their files in /etc.

There is no formal guideline that I can find on this so I'd like to have FPC at 
least comment on it. Common sense would dictate ksh and wine need to follow the 

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