[RFC] plans for initscripts in F22

Lukáš Nykrýn lnykryn at redhat.com
Thu Apr 24 14:38:07 UTC 2014

for the F22 I am planning some bigger changes regarding initscripts and 
I would like to ask for comments.

Initscripts package was in the past a crucial part of the system. They 
basicaly set up whole system during the boot. Currently initscripts 
package contains "support" for initscripts (/etc/init.d/function, 
service command), network initscripts and tons of leftovers.

So my plan is following:

We must keep initscripts support, but I can imagine a setup where every 
service uses a systemd unit, so this part does not have to be installed 
by default, but could be pulled in as a dependency.

Network initscript. This will be probably the most controversial part.
In fedora 21 we will have three different tools for networking 
(initscripts, NetworkManager and systemd-networkd) and all of them will 
be installed by default. For various design reasons network initscripts 
does not have any future (it is completely synchronous and does not work 
with parallel boot very well). So I would like to split it in its own 
package and drop it in the future. For most of the use-cases NM is 
sufficient replacement and if somebody will miss a static configuration 
we are planning to replace network initscript functionality in networkd.

Than there are scripts and configs like
I would like to find a new better home for them.

So I am suggesting to start with splitting initscripts to these 

initscripts - initscripts support
initscripts-core (looking for better name) - the leftovers which needs 
to by installed by default for now, but we will move everything from it 
to different components
initscripts-network - network initscript
initscripts-readonly - support for readonly root should be redesigned 

For more details please see the new spec file:

And  here is a test package and copr build:



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