[RFC] plans for initscripts in F22

Miloslav Trmač mitr at volny.cz
Fri Apr 25 17:30:29 UTC 2014

2014-04-25 12:40 GMT+02:00 "Jóhann B. Guðmundsson" <johannbg at gmail.com>:

> On 04/24/2014 04:30 PM, Miloslav Trmač wrote:
>> Only those that are maintained directly inside Fedora.
> Which is what we care about we cannot hold back progress in the
> distribution based on someone, someplace, somewhere might be using legacy
> cruff.
> It's better for everybody they themselves included that they maintain
> those packages or components within Fedora itself or those individuals or
> company's will need to adapt they themselves to our changes when we make
> them.

That's certainly an option but it's not the only one; see the recent
"Functional" threads for example.

For LSB, there is an *explicit promise* that if a vendor does what is
specified, the package will be possible to install and will run correctly.
We do, of course, have the option to repudiate LSB and explicitly say we
don't care for future releases.

And it's not only commercial software; private projects that make no sense
to publish (such as a company's web site) are equally affected such
changes. Simply spoken, if we care only about package in Fedora, we are
building an appliance; if we want to build an operating system, we do need
to cater for software not included directly in the repo.
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