[RFC] plans for initscripts in F22

Bill Nottingham notting at splat.cc
Mon Apr 28 20:00:39 UTC 2014

Michael Scherer (misc at zarb.org) said: 
> > For LSB, there is an explicit promise that if a vendor does what is
> > specified, the package will be possible to install and will run
> > correctly.  We do, of course, have the option to repudiate LSB and
> > explicitly say we don't care for future releases.
> So shouldn't redhat-lsb or some subpackage be the one that pull that
> part ?

redhat-lsb-core packages the standardized lsb init script functions; these
source things from /etc/init.d/functions, but don't have an explicit
requirement on that file. That should be fixed; then things can be moved

It, of course, does not solve the problem that most random Red
Hat/Fedora-specific SysV scripts out there source that file without any
particular requirements, even if they are started by systemd.


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