Firefox Gtk3 test package

Kẏra kxra at
Tue Apr 29 19:38:46 UTC 2014

Kẏra <kxra <at>> writes:
> Martin Stransky <stransky <at>> writes:
> > How do you enable it? Can you file a BZ# for that at
> In about:config, set the browser.tabs.remote preference to 'true'
> More info here:
> did you mean the mozilla bug tracker? what product would i file it under at
> redhat's? 
> > There are some patches waiting upstream for review so when those are 
> > done. I'd like also update the firefox-gtk3 build to Firefox 31.
> cool! can you link to bugs / review pages for those patches so that we can
> track their progress? updating the build to FF31 also sounds great [=

So excited to have FF31 now! Thanks again for packaging this. Sadly, I'm
still having the same issue with electrolysis (separate processes per tab).
Can anyone else test this? 

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