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Fedora is a big project, and it’s hard to follow it all. This series
highlights interesting happenings in five different areas every week.
It isn’t comprehensive news coverage — just quick summaries with links
to each. Here are the five things for April 29th, 2014:

Last Chance to Vote for Flock Sessions

I know I’ve been posting these reminders for a while now, but this is
the last one, since it’s also the last few days in which voting is open
for the different sessions proposed for Flock (Fedora’s annual planning
and development conference, in Prague this August). Fedora contributors
can vote on the Fedora Elections page. Of course, it’s best if you can
actually attend, but even if you won’t be able to, it’s helpful to
vote on topics which you really think we need to be talking about.

Also, we know that the voting system is a little awkward with this many
options — it was designed for elections with only a handful of choices.
Hopefully that will be fixed for next year. In the meantime, pick high
numbers for sessions you find interesting. And voting closes Thursday,
May 1st, one second before midnight, UTC.

  * "Flock to Fedora"

Fedora @ FLISOL

FLISOL is multi-country free software “install fest” which takes place
annually across Latin America. This year, Fedora had representation in
many different places, including Brazil, Peru, and Argentina. Fedora
Ambassador Matias Kreder posted a short positive report from Buenos
Aires, with plenty of pictures and a link to a video by the national
news agency. As you can see, Fedora was very much in evidence!


Fedora Workstation on *Bad Voltage* Podcast

Last week, I mentioned Christian Schaller’s blog post about Fedora
Workstation. This attracted the attention of the people behind the “Bad
Voltage” podcast — an audio program covering “technology, Open Source,
politics, music, and anything else”. They invited Christian to come on
the show, and you can hear him answering questions aboutFedora
Workstation on Episode 1×14, at about minute 17. (Be warned that the
podcast declares itself Not Safe For Work, and contains strong


Fedora Contributor Vacation Calendar

This isn’t new this week, but… it’s new to me, so that counts, right?
Fedora’s calendar system includes a contributor vacation calendar,
where you can record times when you’ll be away. This is particularly
helpful if you maintain packages, so others know you’re unreachable if
there is a security or other problem.


Ask Fedora

This one is also cheating: it’s not new at all. But if you haven’t seen
it, take a look at Ask Fedora, our community question-and-answer
site. You can ask questions, of course, but also, look for unanswered
questions where you can help.

Users build reputation by having their questions or answers voted on,
and increased reputation increases what you can do on the site. If
you’re a new user, or just ran into a frustrating problem, this is a
great way to find solutions, and if you are more experienced, or know
the answer to a frustrating problem, it’s a great way to give back (and
can be fun, too).

  * "Ask Fedora!"

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