Python 3.4 to rawhide

Matej Stuchlik mstuchli at
Wed Apr 30 10:22:29 UTC 2014

Good day folks,
Python 3.4 is now [ready and tagged] in f21-python, so I'd like to ask you
to make whatever modifications that may be necessary and [rebuild] your
Python packages into the tag. Once we have sufficient fraction up and running,
we'll merge with rawhide.

Note that your spec file may require slight tweaks due to some file suffixes
* bytecode files from[co] to[co]
* extension modules from to and to

There's also an upstream guide to [porting to Python 3.4] you may find helpful.

Finally, should you need help with your package, feel free to contact me and
I'll do my best to help... :)


[ready and tagged]
[rebuild] with fedpkg build --target f21-python
[porting to Python 3.4]

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