Power consumption with Fedora

Ivan Chavero ichavero at redhat.com
Tue Dec 2 09:35:56 UTC 2014

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> Asunto: Power consumption with Fedora
> Obviously priority is now on F21 bugs but looking beyond that
> I want to work with someone more knowledgeable on power consumption - it
> stinks on Fedora 20.
> OSX on mac air gets 11-12 hrs  Fedora gets 4
> Chrome OS on Chromebook gets 9-10  Fedora gets about 6
> Tried powertop - see slight improvement.
> Guys at ARCH claim with powerdown scripts they get close to 11 on Mac
> Air - that's good
> So we need to get the powerdown scripts to work well with Fedora.  I
> have no idea how much conversion, if any is needed for Fedora - just
> don't have the knowledge of processes, Fedora scripts, etc.  But willing
> to help out, test, etc.  (I want 11 hrs on my Mac Air !).

i have the same problem, i'm willing to help developing and testing. if
someone has some work done as a starting point i think we can solve this
in a reasonable time.


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