How many users does Fedora have?

Bruno Wolff III bruno at
Tue Dec 2 16:52:26 UTC 2014

On Tue, Dec 02, 2014 at 17:15:38 +0100,
  jfm512 at wrote:
>2)  It has an uninspiring installer.

In that it doesn't advertise enough features? (I remember seeing promos 
for joining Fedora as a contributor and Rythmbox when doing some repeated 
installs over the Thanksgiving weekend. But there was at least one more 
that I don't remember.)

Personally I don't expect to be inspired by an installer, but I think that 
perhaps additional promos could help people know where to get started 
with some things.

>6)  Fedora hasn't managed to get the same kind of hype there is around  Ubuntu.  Partly
>because of not benefitting of DEbian's propaganda network, partly because of points 2,3,4,5
>and partly due to bad PR.

I think Fedora gets a lot of good PR, but not in the places the average user 
would notice. Linux Weekly News is very good to Fedora. We get a lot of 
coverage there and most of it is positive. We also have our own category 
for kernel type at which says to me, that our kernel 
people work very well with upstream and keep our kernels very current so 
that bugs about them are of interest to upstream. Fedora is the only 
distribution to get this distiction.

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