Nonresponsive maintainer (invalid email address): Chris Lockfort (clockfor at

David Shea dshea at
Wed Dec 3 21:51:37 UTC 2014

Through some series of accidents, the python-pyudev package in Fedora is 
assigned to clockfor at This account has been closed since at 
least early 2013. The email address isn't "invalid" exactly in that 
emails won't bounce, but it is a black hole from which no responses will 
return, and as such I am skipping to the later parts of the 
nonresponsive maintainer process.

So: does anyone know how to contact Chris Lockfort, or if he is still 
interested in maintaining python-pyudev? If he is not, I would like to 
take over the package.

For the documentation of unresponsiveness, here's all the bugs, ain't 
none responded to: 

David Shea

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