Power Consumption

john.tiger john.tigernassau at gmail.com
Fri Dec 5 01:52:52 UTC 2014

sorry for late response to all your feedback , been off-grid ( rural AZ 
+ ATT  => fail )

@owen - thks for feedback re backlighting - got dimming set via xfce 
power settings - dimming seems about same as osx but power use still 
sucks (4 hrs)  so something is missing - have noticed there seems no 
setting for % brightness for normal use -could probably get by with 
75-80% and this might be a big impact - does gnome have better power 
settings ?  will load gnome tonight and see.   If dimming and backlight 
pcts are avail to user then user can set to their own preference 
otherwise a default can be provided - apparently osx picks some default 
that most seem happy with and the life is impressive

@kevin - yes, you're right on - should be good by default (then allow 
user mods).  Need good setting capability and then better docs with 
powertop, tuned (yeah they seem only for monitoring but then auto-tune 
sounds like some optimization program

re lenovo with powertop  thks for feedback - will try with 
"--auto-tune"   tomorrow

@Ivan  hola, (soy ir Chile y Argentina en marzo - en donde vives ?) see 
my comments below, let's start after F21 release

@orcan, @adam
re suspend - probably hardware specific - happy to say we've found F20 
suspend works perfectly on Air and Acer 720 Chromebook

re all those steps - oh I thought I left corp America behind :)  I hope 
we can do with less bureaucracy and maybe just some old fashioned 
hacking and trial / error  but I do recognize that testing with Rawhide 
might be correct for latest changes

our next step will be to upgrade to F21 since it's final in a week, then 
test auto-tune and backlight as above and see if significant difference.

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