Not-very-reassuring info on FedUp wiki page for F21

Thomas Gilliard satellitgo at
Sun Dec 7 20:10:07 UTC 2014

I did some testing of fedup on external USB HD- bios boot for #fedora-qa [1]

1-) Backup your work before attempting this
2-) fully update your f20 install (disable any no-fedora repositories)
3-) In root terminal:

yum update
yum install fedup
fedup --network 21 --product workstation

Possible commands:
     product [workstation|server|cloud|nonproduct]

     use --product nonproduct for KDE ;other spins and minimal :
fedup --network 21 --product nonproduct
     reboot system
     "System Upgrade Fedup" on boot menu
  here is how I did it:   (fedup-dracut-0.9.0 )
     NOTE: Terminal display stops updating at about 68%
     TO FIX: Hit {alt} key or switch to {alt-f2} then {alt-f1}


Tom Gilliard
satellit on #fedora-qa

On 12/07/2014 11:46 AM, Gerard Ryan wrote:
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> Hi devel,
> On the "Important Changes in the Upgrade process to Fedora 21" on the
> FedUp wiki page[1], I see the following:
>> Apparently there will be a new option "--product=<PRODUCT>" and
>> before update you will be required to choose one of the
>> possibilities. To obtain the old behaviour apparently
>> --product=nonproduct should be used.
> I think this could be improved to give more "sure" directions. I know
> it's a wiki, and "just edit/fix it", but I don't know enough about
> what it should be to confidently change it. Could someone who is more
> sure than I (and the original author, apparently) of what it should be
> weigh in? Is it just a case of removing the "apparently"(s)?
> [1]
> Thanks a lot,
> Gerard.
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