Mate group should require galculator instead of mate-calc

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> Subject: Mate group should require galculator instead of mate-calc
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> Hi,
> my friend reported to me that mate-calc is deprected. We should use
> galculator instead.
> I've checked and found blogpost from one of mate release[0]. Please
> fix up comps.xml.
> Couldn't find bugzilla component for this.
> [0]
> --
> -Igor Gnatenko
mate-calc isn't deprected until mate-1.10.
Also we had a lot of user feedback in a discussion at mate-forum that galculator has less featutes than mate-calc.
Most users don't want galculator!.
Please install galculator by hand if you prefer them instead of asking to change comps files.
Or is this to difficult?


fedora mate maintainer and mate upstream

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