Poll: How users use DNF

Przemek Klosowski przemek.klosowski at nist.gov
Tue Dec 9 22:14:45 UTC 2014

On 12/09/2014 12:28 PM, Radek Holy wrote:
> Please share with me the use cases, not the description of the "install" command. Think twice before you share something because I believe it's not as easy as it might seem. As an example I think it might be something like:
> - "I call YUM install, because I want to get given packages into my system and I don't care whether it requires an upgrade or downgrade or what." or
> - "I want to get them there but it should protect me against dangerous operations like downgrades" or
> - "I often make typos, so I expect that the program knows what I mean" or
> - "it would be nice if it would literally perform the installation; if any of the packages cannot be installed because of any reason, it should fail".

I have mixed feelings for the typo correction/suggestions for arguments 
providing package names: I am glad they are case-insensitive because 
case conventions in package names are all over the place. On the other 
hand I am concerned about possible mistakes (I want to 'install foo' but 
mistype it as 'boo' and end up installing 'bugaboo').

The 'yum' environment is a little too rich: too many commands: routine 
system administration requires all of yum, yum-complete-transaction, 
yumdownloader, repoquery, package-cleanup, and rpm---each of those 
commands is sometimes essential in a way not provided by other related 

I do appreciate that yum doesn't just report errors and problems but 
also provides suggestions for fixing them.

I think the dependency and system consistency checks are essential, and 
--skip-broken is quite useful. On the other hand, maybe in an ideal 
world skip-broken should almost never be required---I feel I am forced 
to use it far too often even though I use fairly vanilla package sets. 
This also reminds me that it's absolutely crazy that anyone would ever 
need to manually delete __db.00?, although to be fair I wasn't forced to 
do it anytime in recent memory, so maybe that has been fixed.



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