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Wed Dec 10 19:05:17 UTC 2014

On Dec 10, 2014 10:47 AM, "Mike Pinkerton" <pselists at mindspring.com> wrote:
> On 10 Dec 2014, at 11:52, Jerry James wrote:
>> On Wed, Dec 10, 2014 at 6:27 AM, Maros Zatko <mzatko at redhat.com> wrote:
>>> Yes, there is netinstall in the Server variant, I suppose it's not the
same as
>>> Workstation one and (as a user) I'm getting pretty confused now :)
>> I'm getting kind of confused myself.  I want to grab an image to throw
>> onto an old machine for my kids to use.  I just want a desktop with a
>> web browser and a mail client.  Workstation isn't suitable; they
>> aren't developers (yet).  Server and Cloud are definitely right out.
>> I don't want a Live CD; I want to actually install.  (In the past,
>> installing from a Live CD left one with different defaults than an
>> install from DVD, so I've learned to avoid the Live CD.  Perhaps that
>> reflex is now wrong.)  I guess I could go with one of the spins, but I
>> don't see a GNOME spin anywhere.  Is there really no DVD image for a
>> generic GNOME desktop install?  Maybe I should make Kevin happy and
>> get the KDE spin. :-)
>> Actually, the KDE, Xfce, LXDE, and Mate spins all seem likely to fit
>> my use case, but I'm very surprised that there isn't a GNOME
>> equivalent.  Or is there?  If there is, I can't tell from the
>> information on getfedora.org.  What are we recommending for people who
>> want to install a generic "access the Internet" type of environment
>> for non-techies?  None of the products obviously address that
>> audience.
> This issue has been addressed tangentially in the marathon "Workstation
defaults to wide-open firewall" thread.
> As best I can tell from Matthew Miller's responses there, Fedora has
abandoned that portion of its previous user base that was using Fedora as a
general, secure by default, Gnome desktop OS.  Those users are no longer
supported by any Fedora product.
> I also am trying to figure out how I can use Fedora going forward to
support general desktop requirements for SMB office workers, creative types
and others who have heretofore been using Fedora as a general, secure by
default, Gnome desktop OS.  The only ideas I have come up with so far are:
> •  Install Fedora 20, update it, then fedup to "nonproduct" variant of
Fedora 21; or
> •  Use the server net install to install a minimal system as a
"nonproduct" variant of Fedora 21, and then install a long list of packages
needed to convert it into a general desktop OS.
> I have not yet tested and don't know how practical either of those ideas
> My users are accustomed to Gnome, so I prefer not to change to one of the
alternative desktop environment spins if there is an easy way forward with
> --
> Mike Pinkerton

I have a lot of tools.  Mechanics tools, woodworking tools, electronics
tools, plumbing tools, whatever.  I don't drive over to the nearest
hardware store and buy whatever they have on the shelf that fits the
general description of "saw" or "torque wrench" or "multimeter".  I do some
research, find quality products, and usually end up with something targeted
towards "professionals" or "contractors" or whatever.  I'm not going to
compromise my standards because I encounter a product that isn't marketed
for "occasional semi-skilled use".

Friends and family (at least, those that don't think the same way) end up
borrowing my tools, even when they already have a saw or nailer or
whatever.  The tools they end up with just aren't as good.  Often, their
grabbed-off-the-shelf tools break more easily and sooner, while mine
operate reliably through hard use.  The experience is just more pleasant,
the user more productive, the quality of the end product noticeably better.

An OS is also a tool.  You don't have to be a professional developer to
enjoy the benefits of a product targeted for professional developers.  You
don't have to choose your experience based on the target audience of some
marketing copy.  If the product works for you, and works well, use it.
(Obligatory aside - if you are a professional developer, and you prefer an
alternative DE, Fedora works for you too :)

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