Review swaps

Sandro Mani manisandro at
Fri Dec 12 02:04:36 UTC 2014


Some packages needing review. All pretty simple cmake/qmake stuff:

- - qtspell - Spell 
checking for Qt text widgets [*]
- - osgearth - 
Dynamic map generation toolkit for OpenSceneGraph
- - qcustomplot - Qt 
widget for plotting and data visualization [**]
- - qhexedit2 - 
Binary Editor for Qt [***]
- - sqlitebrowser - 
Create, design, and edit SQLite database files

[*] I need this for the upcoming new release of gImageReader, so this 
has highest priority for me.
[**] Dependency for sqlitebrowser
[***] Also dependency for sqlitebrowser. This package actually looks 
dead upstream, and sqlitebrowser bundles it by default. Perhaps it would 
be better to just keep the bundled version in sqlitebrowser instead of 
packaging dead software. OTOH unbundling is trivial. Is there a policy 
for such cases, what is preferred?

Happy to review in exchange.


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