5tFTW: Fedora 21, 22, and 19, firewall discussion, and holiday break

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Thu Dec 18 15:48:13 UTC 2014

Am 18.12.2014 um 16:43 schrieb Bastien Nocera:
>>>> On the other hand, if you install something and it starts listening and
>>>> you didn’t know that,
>>> If you install something from Fedora and it does that, then it's a bug in
>>> the
>>> application.
>> No.  It's you solving your problem with gnome-user-share and declaring
>> the fallout somebody elses problem so you can safely ignore it.
> It's in the packaging guidelines that server applications shouldn't auto-start.
> It's not like I'm making this up...

you still don't get it:

a operating system is *not only* for running software out of the 
distributions repos and hence it has to have secure defaults in *any* 
case and *even if* there is a package with a bug *the whole purpose* of 
a firewall is to *protect* against bugs

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