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Sun Dec 21 03:19:59 UTC 2014

On Sun, Dec 21, 2014 at 1:25 PM, Thomas Gilliard <satellitgo at>

> On 12/20/2014 8:35 AM, Dan Book wrote:
> Hello,
> I have put together a basic Cinnamon Live spin, and was wondering if this
> is something people would like to see become official. It's not ready for
> submission quite yet, there is a bit of a hack to change the default
> gtk-theme to Zukitwo, as the Adwaita gtk-theme messes up title-bar and
> desktop icon colors (something that should probably be fixed upstream, this
> happens for any Cinnamon install by default in F21). I'm not a Fedora
> packager nor do I have a whole lot of time to put into this, but I am
> willing to update and maintain the spin as necessary.
>  I have the kickstart files in this github repo:
>  And resulting images, which I have briefly tested and installed in a VM:
>  I added a skeleton wiki page as well:
>  -Dan Book
>  I successfully installed the cinnamon x86_64.iso via  f21 liveusb-creator
> with the (dd) option [1] and installed it to Bare metal from the USB.
> Thanks for this build  I hope it becomes a spin.
> I included links to your build here:
> [1]
> Install error anaconda 21.48.21-1  (liveinst)
> **(anaconda:2201) : Warning **: Binding '<shift>Print' failed!
>  repeated many times in terminal.
>  menu/administration/Fedora Release Notes has 2 entries  (both work)
> Tom Gilliard
> satellit
> #fedora-qa  freenode IRC

Thank you for the feedback. I will look into these, but I don't know much
about anaconda.

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